5 Winter Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair

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For some of us around the globe, winter is here! Nothing signals winter´s arrival more than dry hair, yes, dry hair. Long before the flurries and snow storms settle in, the cold air strips away any chance we have for moisturized hair. But, don´t fret, we have some tips to care for your natural hair this winter. 

#1 Stay away from harsh drying shampoos

  • Winter is already so drying, so don´t add unnecessary dryness to your hair by using harsh shampoos. Use mild sulfate-free shampoos, that won´t strip away all the oils and moisture from your hair.

#2 Deep conditioning is your friend

  • Most of us tend to skip deep conditioning, but don´t this winter! Multi-task and turn on Netflix and chill, for real! You can catch a quick episode of She´s Gotta Have It, while deep conditioning. But really, don´t skip out on deep conditioning, it will add the much-needed moisture back to your natural hair during the cold winter months. 

#3 Steam to add elasticity

  • When you have hair treatment in your hair, sit under a steamer, to open up your cuticles, so that the treatment can penetrate your hair shaft. If you don´t have time to sit under a steamer, just steam your hair while taking a shower, ditch the shower cap and get some steam therapy.

#4 Wear a protective style

  • In the warmer months, you might like keeping your natural hair looking fresh by changing your hairstyle daily, well…errrm stop. During winter you want to minimize manipulating your natural hair. Wear a protective style where your natural hair is kept in styles such as twists, braids or updos. A protective style will minimize damage caused by constant manipulation and less daily washes will keep the dryness at bay. 

# 5 Protect your ends

  • While winter fabrics such as wool are great to keep you warm, they are not so great for your hair. When your hair rubs on coarse winter fabrics, your hair gets damaged and you end up with split ends. You can prevent this by wearing a winter hat, but don´t forget to line your hat with a silk or satin scarf. 

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